Lotus Position

As we all know yoga has numbers of poses, and there are numbers of benefits of yoga. Every yoga pose has different benefits. Nowadays yoga (lotus position) is not popular just in India but it is popular all over the world. Every people in the world know the significance of the yoga. yoga keeps our mind and body calm and healthy.

Yoga is not just a pose its more than that. yoga has become a wide term. It includes numbers of poses. Lotus pose is one of them. Here we are going to discuss each and everything about this pose and benefits. How to perform and all related stuff which is related to the term of the lotus pose.

Lotus position

Lotus Position

The lotus position is also called padmasana (in Sanskrit). Lotus pose is originated from India. Basically, in the lotus position, we place our foot on the opposite thigh. It is an ancient yoga pose since it is originated in ancient India. There are god and goddess of Hinduism are sitting or meditating in the same pose. For example lord, Shiva is sitting in the same pose. There is goddess Santoshi maa sitting in the same pose.

Not only in Hinduism but Siddharth Gautama the founder of Buddhism having meditation in the same pose. There are several examples like this. Well, it is worldwide popular. There are variations in lotus pose that is half lotus pose, yogamudrasana, and bond lotus pose.

How to perform padmasana

Start performing this position from sitting cross-legged on the floor. You can use a mat for your convenience. Your one foot must be on the opposite thigh. and your heel must be facing upward. Your knees should be in touch of the ground. Never put stress on your legs. Do it according to your flexibility in some days you would be capable of performing this pose efficiently. Relax your hand and put it on your knees. The back should be straight. Remember one thing always never put stress on your body to perform any yoga asana. This could lead to injury whether it is muscle or bone injury.

lotus position

There is a purpose of using a mat in yoga asana, that is for balance. If you are not so good at balancing. Then you could use a mat it would help you a lot to achieve great balance.

Benefits of Performing Asana (lotus position)

There are numbers of benefits of performing yoga every day. Yoga has different variations well these are the benefits of yoga-

  • Makes you calm.
  • it makes your posture better.
  • yoga cures posture deformities.

Digestive System if your digestive system is not so good it could be possible that you might not feel better. Your digestive system must be strong. And you can actually make it stronger just by performing yoga every day.

Divine Energy yoga is something that could connect you to the divine energy. Divine energy in the sense of felling more stronger mentally as well as physically.

Menstruation help yoga cures your mensurational problems. In your menstruation week practicing yoga can provide you relief from pain. In padmasana or lotus pose your pelvic area stretch the blood flows towards it. that makes hassle-free mensuration.

Acupuncture points it ensure the optimal functioning of the body. and provides relaxation to some points of our body.


  • If you are not comfortable doing this pose especially that foot part, avoid doing so. Or else it could lead to injury.
  • People who are suffering from these diseases like back pain or any knee injury. Or any foot injury should avoid performing this asana.
  • Leg part is not easy for everyone. So people must take care while performing or they can do this asana with the help of an instructor.

History of Yoga

nearly a thousand years ago, yoga and meditation are performed by sages in order to connect their soul with God. It was sages who traveled around the world and spread knowledge about yogic science. Even there are many more people have heard about Agastya and Sapatrishi. Who traveled in Indian continent and spread knowledge about yogic science. Modern scholars also found and marveled that the close parallel across the globe.

You can see the evidence of yoga in Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, panini, epics, Jainism, Buddhism. These are the main sources from which anyone can see and examine the complete history o yoga.


There is also a period, In history which is considered as the most prominent period in history. Or we can say that the development of yoga. Since that period is the most fertile period. There is the period that is 1700 – 1900 AD is considered as the modern period. As Swami Vivekananda, Paramhansa Yogendra, and Ramakrishna and many more have contributed to the development of the yoga.

now as the contemporary time, everyone has convinced about the benefits of the yoga in order to keep them healthy. Nowadays yoga is worldwide popular every single person is aware of the benefits of the yoga. Swami Vivekananda, Yogendra, Swami Rama, Shri Aurobindo and many more who taught yoga and introduce to the world.

Some Misconception That Should Be Clear. (lotus position)

There is some misconception about the yoga that should be clear, yoga does not follow any religion. It is just a practice for inner well being. anyone who practices yoga can reap its benefits. As mentioned above it does not follow any religion or culture.

There are variations in yoga, all know yoga is for health, to make you healthier. Yoga includes Swasasana, Matsyasana, Pranam Asana, Bhujangasana, Surya Namaskar, and lot more. For example, Pranam Asana is basically related to the breathing system. Basically, In Pranam Asana there could be two or three variations. It is performed to cure breath and relaxation of mind and soul.

Yoga basically works on your mind, body, emotion, health, and energy. I discuss in simple words there has been for parts of yoga for the mind is Gyan yoga. For the body its kriya yoga, for energy, It is Karma yoga, and for emotion, it is bhakti yoga. Basically, it utilized your body in the above type of yoga.


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