Menstruation meaning,

What is Menstruation ? (menstruation meaning)

Having periods means – when blood and tissue came out from your vagina called periods- menstruation. This is what exactly menstruation meaning.

Menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle is very important for a lady for pregnancy. it comes every month. A hormone that controls your menstrual cycle called progesterone. Progesteron is also helpful in making you pregnant. well, both statement has a similar meaning.


Every women has to face same procedure to being ready for pragnant. There are two ovaries in women and both ovaries hold bunch of eggs. those egg are super tiny, impossible to see them with your naked eyes.

your ovaries eggs get mature when the menstrual cycle comes. Maturity of your eggs (which is in a bunch), it means your eggs are ready to fertile. When the sperm cells come in the contact of the eggs it gets fertile. Thus a lady’s pregnancy occurs. when eggs get fertilize it must place on the lining which has all the nutrients. And hormones are the one who makes the lining for the fertile egg. (HEALTH)

Egg fertile in ovaries

As mentioned above about the lining on which fertile eggs placed after fertilization. when pregnancy does not happen it means your body does not need that thick lining. it breaks that thickness and comes out from your vagina. this is a period.

If you get pregnant that means your body needs that thickness of the lining. since the line is produced by multi-nutrients from the body. That’s why your period stops during pregnancy. in another case, if you do not get pregnancy your periods would continue.

Periods, when it comes and when it stops

Well usually periods come at the age of 12 to 14, but it could be earlier or may be delayed than that. But still, there is no particular timing about this. there could be a chance when a girl age 16 does not get her periods, it is the right time to visit a doctor. Read more

There are many cases in which one can get relief from periods at the age of 45 to 55. Well, it is a natural phenomenon, there is nothing in it to worry about.


What to do about cramps

Having cramps is normal, it can be treated. There is nothing to worry about the same.

What Are The Causes Of Having Cramps ?(Menstruation meaning)

The fact cannot be neglected that the cramps are painful and uncomfortable. Pain is not tolerable at all. but cramp is also the part of the period. when your uterus cramps up it helps to flow blood towards your vagina. Sometime it could be the last longer till the time of period.

sometimes it came just before the periods. some people suffer from extreme pain while others could have less pain than others. well, all the way we are discussing the pain. But there is nothing to worry, one could get relief by with the help of treatment.

How Can You Get Comfort From Cramp

  • You could have an orgasm.
  • you could do rest.
  • exercise also helps
  • one could go for a prescribed pain killer.

Cramps are the included part of getting period. but its really painful for the ladies. They are not able to perform her daily task. so they must have rest and consulting every day with a doctor. this will help them far better than anything else. Read more

What about transgender people do they get period?

It is not necessary that people who get the period is a woman. Transgender people who have vagina, uterus, ovaries, and tubes would also get a period. This could be more stressful and it could much bother them because of their identity. Society does not except the LGBTIQ community. while other transgender people could not be much bothered with this.

There is another way for transgender people to stop their period. If they start taking testosterone, it could stop period. but this is not the prominent way to stop period. because if stop taking testosterone period will come back. And the period came when you don’t have expected, obviously, there would be cramp before period.

Never feel that you are alone there are transgender friendly doctors you can consult with them.

fertile egg

I am providing a link on which trans people could get a friendly doctor and could get consult with them about their problems check out this link

What is PMS?

PMS stands for premenstrual syndrome, PMS caused by the hormone changes. it is not necessary that every people must have to face PMS. some of them feel while other does not feel PMS. PMS basically is the sudden changes, whether it is emotionally or whether it is physically. These symptoms are as follow-

  • one could have a headache
  • felling dizziness
  • craving for having food than the usual time
  • felling tiredness all the time.
  • one could face skin problems.
  • there could be acne
  • there could be sour breast
  • not feeling well hanging up with family and friends
  • one could be stressful.
  • felling sad.
  • Trouble infalling asleep

Well, there is nothing to worry about this. this is the natural phenomenon that happens in every women’s life. It is not necessary that you are going to face all these symptoms. but there could be some symptoms out if these. you can also consult with a doctor. but the symptoms should be for three months in a row. if you satisfy this condition you may consult with a doctor.

How Can You Get Relief From PMS?

  • Meditation and yoga are more powerful in order to be fit and healthy. one could meditate or can do exercise every day. this technique would be more powerful to be healthy.


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