Alcohol Helpline

Our alcohol drug telephone helpline is only a call away.

Call 0800 787 797 or text 8681, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to speak with a trained counselor. All calls are free and confidential. This helpline number is only for help who are struggling with alcohol or any drug abuse.

the drug or alcohol helpline provides healthy and friendly advice to the one who is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. One can get rid of the drug addiction by determination of laving this habit and by joining a rehabilitation center.

we are helping those needy people who want to quit these bad habits. by multiple strategies we are providing the best service if you are or anyone who is in your contact just help him. you are just one call away. there also a proverb “DO GOOD HAVE GOOD” personally I believe in this statement.

Free and Confidential(alcohol helpline)

All calls for this helpline are absolutely free and confidential. one can share his or her all personal problem, we are here for you, for helping you. you can a phone directory in your area. we are providing services in a big range.

anyone who calls us can remain anonymous if he/she wants. our main motto is to make the world healthier. Except for rehabilitation, there are some other ways which could be tried by anonymous for quitting his/her habit. These are as follow-

  • By Determination, if you are determined with something then there is no energy to stop you. you have to be fix in with your mind and heart you can achieve your goal.
  • Spend Time With Family And Friends, this could help you in a better way. at this time you won’t feel craving for the use of the use if drug or alcohol.

who is it for?

Basically, this helpline number is a concern with the addition of drug or alcohol. Anyone can call on the given helpline for himself/herself or for others.

  • you are a concern with your habit about drinking whether it is safe or whether it is too much.
  • are you a concern for your family member you can call and could get information about the same.
  • if you are personally struggling with the problem drug abuse or alcohol addiction we can help.
  • if you have symptoms or having some abnormal problems in your life, we can help you with the same.

What Happens when you call(alcohol helpline)

When you call our counselor we identify your problem and start working on that. Obviously, we take a bit time to identify what exactly you are looking for-

  • we identify what kind of information you are seeking.
  • what you need whether you are a concern for yourself or for your relatives.
  • you could also do some good deeds just by referring this number to the needy. So one gets rid of these problems.

Brief Introduction it wouldn’t start with the treatment, obviously, it would start with screening and brief introduction. Also, we can conduct-

Day program some of the people could get the benefit from the structured day programs including some strategies.

Detox some of the people need withdrawal management service, also called detoxification treatment.

Social professionals and therapies use a wide range of therapies and techniques to meet peoples social need.

Assessment and Treatment

compulsory assessment and treatment. It means this act will apply to those who are suffering from serious drug, Alcohol or any other inappropriate substance or whom. Who are not able to take their own decision. There is an act regarding the same –

compulasary assessment and treatment act 2017.

How you can make an application.

If you find your family member or your colleague taking drugs or addicted to drug or alcohol. You can proceed for the application. Or you can directly call the given numbers. There must be going to your area or rehab center. you can even directly contact them.

If an authorized officer finds that member meets all the criteria for the treatment. He would arrange your meeting with the approved specialist

once your family member or your colleague meet all the criteria. Approved specialist sign a compulsory assessment and treatment and would arrange all stuff related to the detoxification. After this, your family member would be transferred to the health care center by the ministry f health.

obviously, you would be in touch how is the improvement in your family member. There is also a chance that you could get an invitation from the health center to visit there and meet your loved one family member.

The only purpose of the compulsory assessment and treatment s to restore the ability of the person to his/her own decision. And making them more confident and healthier.

when your loved one or family member does not cooperate in restoring his/her ability. Or does not engage with the team, the local workers or service. They would have words with you regarding the same. And would take decision what should do they need to perform next.

In case your family member does not meet all the criteria(alcohol helpline)

If your family member or loved one does not meet all the criteria, That did not mean that there is no one to help you to cure his/her. An officer will talk to you about the same. They would get another option for you.

Alcohol Drug Helpline:; phone 0800 787 797; text 8681

Other options

There are numbers of other organization that is helping for the same. And making the world healthier, these are listed below.

  • Drug Foundation
  • fade
  • kina
  • The Newzeland needle exchange program


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