White Rice Calories?

white rice calories

what does the exact effects of rice on our body? Whether it’s fattening or helps in weight loss. All the facts about the nutrition of the rice we will learn here. Read this complete blog for amazing facts about the rice. Like what rice calories? What is the deal with rice regarding weight loss or weight gain? (white rice calories)

We all have heard that brown rice is better than white rice in terms of nutrition. If we are taking in the context of weight or, mass gain then brown is suggested. Is it true? well through this article will reach in the depth of this fact. is it true or not.

Brown rice v/s White Rice

Since it is higher in nutrition than white rice. It generally contains more vitamins, minerals, and fiber than white rice. There is a table given below that describe that amount of nutrition in brown rice and white rice.

CALORIES111 grams130
CARBS25 grams28
VITAMIN B67% RDI around 3 %RDI
MAGNESIUM55% around 19 % RDI

Rice’s Effects On Weight Loss

Well when we come up the brown rice effects on weight loss, It is pretty well established. As compared to the white rice. since it is more nutritious to your health. One can easily switch his/her diet, into whole grains like brown rice, and brown bread.

Brown rice

There has been a study on women and observed that those have the highest intake of dietary fiber from whole grains foods had almost a 50% lower risk of major weight gain. as compared to those who have the lowest intake.

Do you know rice is the staple food in many countries?

Rice is the staple food for more than half the population of the world. Especially in the Asian continent. like India, china, japan. korea.

These are countries where the percentages of those people who are overweight and obese are less than in western countries. well, white rice is the predominant source of carbs. For example, people of Asian continent consume their almost 50% of their calories from rice.


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