How To Lose Lower Belly Fat In 1 Week

I was asked many times by many peoples “how to lose lower belly fat in 1 week”. Since many people are not aware of the right yoga pose and right exercise which could reduce belly fat. It’s not a big problem you just need to do the right exercise which could burn your belly fat. One another thing that is people is doing crunches in order to reduce belly fat. Let me tell you crunches are good for muscle strengthening. Crunches make your abdomen stronger. So in order to reduce belly fat, you don’t need to perform crunches. (Manojhealth)


If you are doing the gym, yoga or workout, even after that you are not able to reduce your belly fat. Then there must be an error. Maybe you are not training yourself in the right way. So you need a proper workout plan for your belly fat to reduce it. Here is give the full workout plan along with diet plan.

Workout with Dumbbell

when you train your body with dumbbells it also put some portion of stress on your belly. As a result of your belly fat burns. It does not matter what body part your training whether its biceps or shoulders, it also put some stress on your belly. Remember one thing always that you can not reduce your fat from a particular body part. But there is a difference between strengthening exercises and fat burn exercise. For example

crunches are not much beneficial to reduce belly fat. This idea would not be worked. You can do it yourself right now and you can feel the pressure or you can crosscheck whatever I spoke on the above lines. It’s not that crunches are completely useless, but this for strengthening your abdomen.


Bicycle exercise (How to lose lower belly fat in 1 week)

There are variations in bicycle exercise for example, One can do this exercise with the help of a cycle doing cycling and laying on the ground. Start doing with the same position as you are supposed to make pose while performing crunches. One exercise that is cycling, Everyone is familiar with this exercise.

How to perform the bycycle exercise while laying down on the ground. Lay down on the ground or you can use the mat as for your convenience. The mat helps in balancing. The second step is to raise your legs. Bend it from your knee as shown in the picture. And start paddling. This is called bicycle exercise since you do the same activity while cycling.

bicycle exercise

And those other exercise which is supposed to perform with the help of bicycle. That is quit easy to perform. Have a look.

Bicycle exercise


Running is quite easy to perform and everyone is familiar with this term. Not just to reduce belly fat but everyone must perform this exercise in his/her daily life. It does not only reduce your fat but it also makes your heart healthy. I hope you all have heard that we must take stairs instead of using lifts or elevators. ( how to lose lower belly fat in 1 week)


One can perform this running exercise whether in the morning or in the evening. But it is suggested to perform in h morning. Since there is fresh air in the morning than the evening So we must arrange some time for our health. It just takes 30 minutes to complete your workout session.

As mentioned above that you can not reduce your fat from a particular body part. But you can reduce overall body fat. There are other exercises which you can practice.

Swimming (How to lose lower belly fat in 1 week

In order to reduce fat, you must burn more and more calories. Along with workout and exercise, you must take care of your diet. Your calories intake must be less than the number of calories you take. Swimming is considered one of the best exercises since in swimming your all body part trained.


Apart from the workout plan we also must care about our diet. Diet in the sense what we should consume and what we should not consume.

Eat Healthily

As the saying goes you can not build muscle and abs by training yourself in the gym and eating junk food. Its never going to be possible, Healthy eating also important part towards your muscle gain. You should add fruits and vegetables in your diet. That will help you to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Healthy eating

Avoid Food That Contains Fat

Basically, junk food and fast food are considered not good food for health. These kinds of stuff make you fatso. you can have junk food or fast food. these fats have been linked to many diseases like heart disease and obesity.

If you are supposed to reduce your belly fat, read ingredient labels carefully and stay away from trans fat. Trans fat is not good at all for health.

High Protein diet

Protein is highly recommended for your health regardless you are supposed to weight loss or weight gain. High protein intake promotes your fullness. As mentioned in almost every article that you must have to include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

  • Protein: protein source is as follow- milk, soy, eggs, cottage cheese, fish, whey, and meat. Soy and eggs are cheap, One could get easily these without spending much money.
  • vegetables: There are numbers of vegetables you can include in your diet, but more preferable. You should add some leafy vegetables like cabbage, spinach, coriander, lettuce, broccoli, and salad. You could add more vegetable in your diet as per your convenience.
  • Fruits: Again there are numbers of fruits, You can choose as per your convenience. Its depends on you what is your goal. It could be weight loss, It could be weight gain, It could be to stay fit and healthy. In order to be fit and healthy, You can have any fruit whatever you like. But you have to make sure that you are having a fruit every day. With fruits, you can have fruit juice also.
Apple (fruits)
  • Carbs: Basically carbs help in weight gain. If you are supposed to gain mass. You must increase your carbs intake. It includes rice, brown rice, oats, pasta and etc.
  • Fats; It includes basically olive oil, fish oil, nuts, and flax seeds.

Remember one thing. There is only one life. You are not going to get another one to enjoy your life. There is no need to be perfect. You can actually consume alcohol. You can actually eat junk food but in the limit. If you have all these in limit then there are no side effects of doing these activities. you can have 3 meals of junk food in a week. But remember there is a difference between 3 meals in a week and 3 days a week.

Even alcohol drinking is also not bad for your health if you take it occasionally. Well as mentioned there is only one life and you have the right to enjoy.

Do Not Consume More Sweet

Do not consume more sweet. you should use less or even you should stop using sweet. Instead of using sweet you can use any natural or sugar-free product. There are also some other precautions you need to take. Like you should never eat after 8 o’clock at night. Reduce the quantity of carbs from your meal.

sweet desert

Don’t Do (How to lose lower belly fat in 1 week)

  • The stress you should take care of yourself and stay away from stress. It is said that stress and anxiety caused the production of a certain hormone. That is the reason for the fat gain around to your belly.
  • Starving Never compromise with your meal. Starving is not the solution. even you should eat properly. But never forget to workout 4 times a week. Since its a game of calories. You just need to burn more calories than you eat. It’s simple as that.
  • Short cut: Never use short cuts. Since some time it could be dangerous for your health. You are not going to be slim overnight. You must have to be patience. With determination and hard work, you will get your goal.
reduce fat


To achieve your goal stay motivated all the time. And how could you be so?

  • You can click pictures once you feel that you have loos some weight. This might help you a lot to stay motivated.
  • Discuss this topic with your friend about your weight loss plan. This might be really helpful for you.
  • measure body fat, once in a two-week measure the body fat that will help you to stay motivated
  • measure your waist. once in a two week you can measure your waist.

This is not proven actually that protein actually reduce your fat.



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