Biceps Workout At Home

Biceps workout

There are many more guys who are spending much time in the gym. For getting bigger biceps. The gym is not the only proper way to gain muscles. But it is one of them. (Biceps Workout At Home)

New generation be like. “They want to gain but quickly”. They must understand the fact, No one can gain muscles overnight. It takes time. There are many more aspects of working out like warming up, cooling down. Nobody takes care of these.

The new generation also knows about supplements and other ways to gain muscles quickly. That is inappropriate.

workout with dumbbell

Exercise For Bigger Biceps

It’s not that one exercise is meant for improving your only one body part. But in fact, it covers many parts of your body. So most probably it is possible that you are doing the same exercise, For chest and for biceps. Never get confused on this topic.

Chair Dips

Remember one thing every time. That one exercise is not meant for only for your one body part. But it is true that particular exercise put a lot of pressure on your particular body part. For example, if you are doing chair dips. That will help to grow your arm muscles focusing on triceps and biceps too. Chair dips are quite easy to perform. You just need a chair for this exercise. Place a chair and do as shown in the picture.

Push- Ups (Biceps Workout At Home)

There are number of types in push- ups. Push-ups basically help to grow your chest, your biceps, and your triceps. There is also variation in push-ups, Like diamond push-ups, wide range push ups, and normal open hand push-ups. Wide range push- ups means to open your hand wider.

you can also do one handed push-ups

There is three part of your chest. That is the upper part, the lower part, and the middle part. One exercise cannot help to grow your full chest. Hence these push-up variations meant to perform. Similarly, when you are working on your arms muscles you need to work on your shoulders, on your triceps, and on your traps.

Single-Leg Dips (Biceps Workout At Home)

Take Precautions, never compromise with your safety. if you are not able to perform any pose. Then leave it or you can do it with the help of your trainer. You can use a mat for balance.

Again there is variation in the single-leg dips. It’s up to you whether you perform it by standing. Or by sitting. What you need to do to perform single-leg dips, Seat and up your body from the ground with the help of your hand. Raise your one leg and let the second one on the same place. Start doing push and ups. This exercise going to burn your much calories. In initial days it gonna be difficult for you. But practice makes a man perfect.

There is one more variation that you can try. Single leg push-ups, Have a look in the picture and practice.

This is how you can perform single leg push-ups

Band push-down

Band pushdown could be performed by a band. Have a look in the picture. Well, there is a number of pricey equipment for performing exercises. But you don’t need to spend much more money on the equipment. There are basic and cheap tools that can help you to build muscles. Now its time to set up your band.

you can also perform push down exercise with dumbbell

I will explain quite easily so you can set up without any disturbance. So what you need to do open your room door and place the band on the top of the door. Hold the band from both ends. And make sure it wouldn’t move from the top. Start your workout doing push-down.

Incline dumbbell hammer curl

What you need to perform this exercise. Sit on a bench, If it is inclined it would be much better. Get dumbbells in your both hands. Make sure your elbows are close to your torso. Your palm must be facing forward. This is your starting position.

When you breathe out curl the weight forward. Make sure only your forearms are moving. The right position keeps you safe from any muscle injury.

In the third step, you need to get back in the same position as you started.

Repeat the exercise as per your convenience, How much reps you can perform.


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